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We all know that words matter, but they take on an extra cost in the world of online content. That’s because what you say can influence how much sales you can generate with organic traffic. 

Getting the correct language to support your video content can be the difference between generating a low-level payday and next month’s groceries in the basket, bagged, and paid for! When you start your streaming platform video, you must add a description, including the usual links to your website and social media profiles. Make sure you focus on essential marketing practices – use direct marketing language, engaging Call To Action or Opt-In buttons that speak to a wide-ranging audience, and communicate to those that interact with your material! 

We’ve broken down some of the most profitable words and phrases you can use in the content alongside your videos on streaming platforms to help boost revenue from advertising and sales. 

Sale: Studies show that this continues to be the buzzword for all deal-chasers online and on land! 

Be The First: It sounds obvious, but all of your viewers will cherish a sense of exclusivity with your platform. 

Thank You: Manners cost nothing, as they say! Research shows that when you thank your customers – whether with a simple thank you or a special offer.

What other pieces of advice can we offer?

The thumbnail – it’s all about the thumbnail! Work hard on establishing an exciting and attractive phrase that will bait in those clicks! Make your language enticing but suspenseful – perhaps add the odd question in there too! 

Keep your branding consistent! Your viewers will identify with the sort of language you use. That ranges from catchphrases to sign-offs – have fun with it, but try to keep it on the same brushstroke as the rest of your general language. 

Use CTAs (Call To Actions)* with all your videos – try to be instructional with your language. For example – CLICK NOW rather than the directional CLICK HERE. 

Whatever your platform – take care of the little things, and the big picture will paint itself!

*Using CTS in some regulated industries may be restricted to marketing laws. For example, regulators may consider CTS as “Play Now” in gambling encouraging, and you must avoid it!

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