Influencer global market size is rapidly growing and is expected to reach $16.4bn this year. Brands don’t always have access to the published content across all streaming platforms, making it difficult to understand the context of advertising. Influencers can send the links to the videos to brands, but tracking every campaign or ad becomes an operational burden, especially when brands use multiple influencers and streamers.

Research made by Influencer Marketing Hub shows that more than 40% of companies measure influencer marketing success based on conversions or sales. It is a blind metric as influencers go above and beyond to sell, which may risk the brand’s reputation. Therefore, it is crucial to fully view the campaign and influencers popularity ratings and track the progress while reviewing the content. Today, there are tools to manage this process with automation and analytics.

Source: Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2022: Influencer Marketing Hub

The most popular advertising platforms are YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok. This diversity of streaming platforms makes it hard for the brands to see the full view of their exposure across all platforms. Therefore, TraceHat offers an online content analysis tool focusing solely on streaming platforms where brands can watch their streamers and influencers, track their brand mentions and quickly decide on budget allocations based on their preferences. Also, it is a great tool to manage any compliance risks when it comes to various disclaimers as #ad, sponsored ads, adult content, etc. Another great feature is the ability to find organic brand mentions. It can analyse the organic vs paid exposure, which is an excellent metric for any marketing team. See the list of TraceHat Plans here.

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