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Nysta represents the future of how brands approach and manage presence on the biggest streaming platforms like YouTube. Manage creators, track brand mentions and viewership and compare creator performance to optimize your video advertising.

Ensuring compliance and saving time

Real-time data detection in video

Maximize compliance and minimize risk with Nysta's advanced video analysis technology. With real-time tracking of sponsored content, pinpointing the exact location of brand mentions in video, audio, and text Nysta ensure policy guidelines compliance.
There is no need for time consuming manual review of video content. You can easily flag non-compliant content and take necessary actions.

Powerful SaaS platform

Unlock the power of your video data

The Nysta platform helps brands drive business success with cutting-edge video analysis technology. By streamlining the process of gathering, analyzing and understanding video data, it enables data-driven decisions making and to maximize ROI, providing a real competitive edge. Nysta also provides all the tools needed to manage creators, track brand mentions, viewership, and compare creator performance. Contact us to sign up for a free trial and experience the results for yourself!

Automated workflows

Use cases in Retail, Fintech and Gaming

Nysta helps Fintech brands keep up with licence requirements to ensure affiliates use required disclaimers like #sponsored #advertisement for promotions and to make sure advertisements are not misleading consumers.

Gaming companies work with Nysta to keep track of all their brands on video content for compliance with gambling license and advertising requirements. Nysta also brings insights on which brand has the most exposure and evaluate their affiliate performance.

Retail can use Nysta to analyse if affiliate-published content has correct promotional links displayed and analyse video reach, views and comments.

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